5 (FIVE) OZ. RIBBED NAPPY AND COVER (OMN) by National Glass Company (IT&G Works) (Greentown-IN, Co. Operated: 1899-1903), c1900-1903
• AKA: Ribbed Covered Dish
NOTE: James Measell, (Sid Lethbridge concurs): I think the 5 oz. Ribbed Nappy and Cover is not from 1898-1900 but would date 1901-1903 as it is shown in the 1901 National catalog and Chocolate would date from that time frame. So, the Dewey Bust is ITGC, 1898, but the Ribbed Nappy and Cover is National Glass Co., Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Works, 1900-1903.
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Shape: Butter, Cheese, & Honey Dishes
Contributor: Jason Kendall

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge