DOG TOOTHPICK (OMN) by Belmont Glass Works (Bellaire-OH, Operated: 1866-1890), 1887
• AKA: Dog and Hat Toothpick
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - Has been reproduced. An example in any colour other than crystal, frosted, amber, blue or canary is a reproduction. The interior of the hat in the originals is straight and runs parallel to the exterior. On the reproductions, the interior of the hat slopes inwards. On the reproductions, between the hat and the dog's tail, the beaded platform on which the hat and dog are seated has two scallops.
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Shape: Catalog Cut/Ads
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge

Shape: Hat
Contributor: Richard Ryan - Toothpick

Shape: Novelty-Figural
Contributor: Richard Ryan - Toothpick