CROSS STITCH (AKA) by Unknown Maker (Unknown Location, Operated: Unknown), Unknown Date of Introduction
NOTE: " I don't know who made it, but it was involved in a pattern naming contest in the last issue of Heacock's 'Glass Collector' magazine (#6, p. 12). The winning name of "Cross Stitch" was announced in his successor publication 'Collecting Glass' (#1, p. 80). I have a creamer.--Jim Chafin"
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Shape: Bowls & Berry Sets
Contributor: Carol Mercurio Williams - Berry Bowl, 3.75 x 3.9. Space on handles is solid, not open

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Irenea Batac-Herman, Sandy Wilkin, Duane Schlosser (3,4)

Shape: Celery Vases
Contributor: Bill Banks

Shape: Finials
Contributor: Duane Schlosser