NATIONAL GLASS CO. No. .419 BUFFALO PAPER WEIGHT (OMN) by National Glass Company (IT&G Works) (Greentown-IN, Operated: 1899-1903), 1901
• AKA: Buffalo
NOTE: Roger Haworth: …there's some evidence that the mould originated in Findlay at Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton and then was moved to IT&G…. The nile green ones are certainly Greentown, but the frosted one…may be DG&L
NOTE: Roger Haworth 2020: ref newly discovered National Glass Co catalog: 400 series novelties product of National (ITG Works) c.1899-1903
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Shape: Paperweight
Contributor: Joseph Vosevich, Larry Wilson

Shape: Novelty-Figural
Contributor: Bradley A McClain

Shape: Novelty-Figural
Contributor: George W. Huffman