LOOP AND NOOSE (AKA) by National Glass Works (Bellaire-OH, Operated: 1869-1877), 1870s Introduced
Patented July 26, 1870
NOTE: Ref: American and Canadian Goblets, Vol. 1, by Unitts, pg 150 and 179.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2019: The design was patented by William Kirchner on July 26, 1870 and assigned to the National Glass Co. of Bellaire. In 1877, three Rodefer brothers acquired the factory in bankruptcy.
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Shape: Stemware
Contributor: Jayne MacDonald

Shape: Spooners/Spills
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge 5.25H x 3.6D

Shape: Patents
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge