MT. WASHINGTON GLASS WORKS No. ..77 (OMN) by Mt. Washington Glass Works (Boston-MA/New Bedford-MA, Operated: 1837-1894), c1870
• AKA: Beaded Ovals
NOTE: ID by Sid Lethbridge. Per Donn Appleman 2020 - Millard, Goblets I (7th ed., 1956), plate 147; Lee, Victorian Glass (12th ed., 1944), page 83, plate 30 (line drawing does not show stippling); Metz, Early American Pattern Glass, (EAPGS revision, 2000) p.181, no picture; and, Unitt, American and Canadian Goblets I, (3rd ed., 1977), p. 144-145.
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Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Kristi Lineberger 6D

Shape: Stemware
Contributor: Kristi Lineberger - Goblet

Shape: Catalogue/Ads
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge

Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Donn Appleman - 4D, 4.5H, missing lid