MEDALLION (OMN) adam by Adams & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1861-1891), c1872 Introduced
• AKA: Beaded Acorn Medallion
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - We can now assign (documented) the pattern aka Beaded Acorn Medallion to Adams & Co. It appears in a c1872 Adams catalogue as their Medallion (OMN) pattern. It has long been speculated as a product of the Boston Silver Glass Co. due to its similarity to Beaded Grape Medallion.
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Shape: Salts, open
Contributor: Jim Masterson 3L

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Jerry Harding

Shape: Pattern Detail
Contributor: Walt Williams

Shape: Pattern Detail
Contributor: Walt Williams

Shape: Research Update
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge

Shape: Egg Cup/Egg Glass
Contributor: Jim Masterson

Shape: Stemware
Contributor: Walt Williams - goblet, Brenda Diffendal

Shape: Spooners/Spills
Contributor: Jim Masterson, Heidi Eckroth

Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Linda Eppelheimer

Shape: Comport/Compotes
Contributor: Gayle Gyssler Marvel, Diane Dittman Hanson (2,3)

Shape: Finials
Contributor: Martin Chaffee - 7.75D

Shape: Finials
Contributor: Diane Dittman Hanson