CO-OPERATIVE FLINT GLASS CO., LTD. No. .279 (OMN) candlestick by Co-operative Flint Glass Co. LTD. (Beaver Falls-PA, Company Operated 1879-1930s), 1902 Introduced
NOTE: Reference: Candlesticks Book 1 page 121 by Felt & Stoer / Co-operative Flint Glass Co. page 283 by Autenreith
NOTE: Tom Felt 2024: "mould had an exceptionally complicated history. First made by Co-operative Flint, it was later made by Phoenix. The mould was then purchased by Tuska who unsuccessfully tried to have them made for him by Westmoreland. He then sold the mould to Kemple, who redesigned the tops. In later years, Wheatonware used the modified mould". A reproduction was posted in amber
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Shape: Candlesticks
Contributor: Jim Thielen 6.5H