BOY WITH BEGGING DOG (AKA) by Bryce Brothers (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1882-1891), c, early 1880s
NOTE: Part of a graduated set: Boy with Begging Dog, Heron and Peacock, Deer and Cow.
NOTE: Ref: Pg. 14 and 16 of Pattern Glass Mugs by Adams & Mordock. This mug was made in clear, blue, opaque white and opaque blue.
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Shape: Cups & Mugs
Contributor: Jim Thielen (1,2), April Landrith Nyarango (3,4)

Shape: Cups & Mugs
Contributor: Jim Thielen, Brad Gougeon, Gene Serbus, Matthew Cox

Shape: Pattern Comparison
Contributor: C Eric Funston