BEES ON A BASKET SINGLE HANDLE (AKA) by Unknown Maker, c1887
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - Bees On A Basket (Single Handle) toothpick holder ref Heacock (1000TPH p 57,59; RU p 66). The maker is unknown but we can place it to c1887 based on its appearance in a Pitkin, Brooks catalogue of that year. The likely OMN is No. 1. They can be found in opal (milk glass), ivory (custard), opaque blue and purple slag and other colours. The ad lists yellow too but that may be a redundant mention of custard which has a yellowish tint. The ad suggests that the winged insects are flies not bees. Possible makers include Challinor, Taylor; Atterbury; or another unknown maker who was also making slag glass in the mid 1880s.
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Shape: Novelty Figural
Contributor: Richard Ryan (1-3), Dennis Worden

Shape: Novelty Figural
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge (1,2), Richard Ryan (3,4)