INDIANA TUMBLER & GOBLET CO. No. 0065/0066 (OMN) by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company (Greentown-IN, Company Operated: 1894-1899), c1903 Introduced
• AKA: Coon Bottom; Rooster Bottom
NOTE: George W. Huffman 2023 - From the 1903 National Glass IT&GW Catalog, page 67. Two tumblers with a raccoon and a rooster embossed in the bottom. NGGA members have been looking for examples of these tumblers without success. They were possibly mould transfers from DG&L in 1902 under the National combine reorganization. The tumblers might have political connotation.
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Contributor: George W. Huffman - 903 National Glass IT&GW Catalog, page 67.