Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ;
• AKA: Beauty; Tiny Twigs; Twigs (Paneled)
Northwood The Company (Indiana-PA, Company Operated: 1896-1899), Introduced: 1898 Introduced
• Northwood Glass Co., National (Northwood Works) and Dugan Glass Co Dugan/ Diamond Co. Indiana, Pa
This pattern first appears in the 1898 G. Sommers Catalog and again later in 1906 and 1908 Butler Bros. catalogs. There are two sizes of vase with various rim configurations. Reproductions have a glass web between the twigs and the body of the vase which is absent on originals. reference: Dugan / Diamond by Heacock, Measel & Wiggins - pages 17, 22, 68, 96
• Motifs: (Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ), (Wood/Wood Grain)