Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ;
• AKA: Canadian
Ripley and Company [Second] (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1875-1891), Introduced: 1882 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: The Park (omn), (aka) Canadian pattern appears in an illustrated advertisement in the October 1883 issue of the Chicago Illuminator. The wholesaler called it the Park pattern which turns out to be the OMN. The Canadian pattern is a fairly extensive line and many of the various pieces can be found with two different sets of scenes! This is likely the reason that Ruth Webb Lee introduced some confusion when she stated that there were two patterns – (aka) Canadian and (aka) Cape Cod – with the same shapes but with the latter having water scenes and the former landscapes. There is agreement that there is just one pattern not two.
NOTE: 5/2024 see Research Update
• Motifs: (Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ), (Scenes), (Stippling)