STAR (OMN) jef
• AKA: Diamond and Peg; Diamond Peg; Diamond with Peg
Jefferson Glass Company (Steubenville-OH/Follansbee-WV, Co. Operated: 1900-1930), Introduced: Uncertain Date of Introduction
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: This pattern does not appear in the c1907/8 Jefferson catalog which predated the acquisition of the Krys-Tol lines from Ohio Flint Glass. A c1911 Jefferson Krys-Tol catalog shows a very extensive line of the pattern under the OMN of Star. Many pieces can be found with the Krys-Tol mark. Based on this catalog alone, Jefferson should get the major credit for this pattern. There is the question as to whether Star (aka Diamond w Peg) originated at Jefferson or whether it might have been a very late Ohio Flint Glass pattern.

McKee catalogs (mid to late 1910s) show one tankard pitcher and list a matching tumbler listed as No. 140. Those are the only two pieces that can be linked to McKee.
• Motifs: (Diamonds)