• AKA: Challinor's Flute; Jenny Lind; Majestic Crown
Challinor, Taylor and Company (Tarentum-PA, Company Operated: 1884-1891), Introduced: c1885 Introduced
• NOTE: Brad Gougeon: I believe…that Challinor got the molds for the base from David Bennett at Crystal. Most of the ones that I have seen with the floral base and Challinor tops are quite worn, such as this blue one. When Challinor wanted to make this compote in milk glass, blue opaque, and purple mosaic, the design on the bottom would not show through so they had a new foot either made from scratch or retooled from the old mold. The new foot has a geometric design on the outside that can be easily seen.
• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns), (Squares/Rectangles), (Flutes)