• AKA: Bearded Man; Old Man; Old Man of the Woods
La Belle Glass Company (Bridgeport-OH, Company Operated: Feb: 1871-1888), Introduced: 1879 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Queen Anne was introduced in 1879. The design patent was applied for in August 1880 over a year after the pattern was introduced and Patent D12,006 was issued to A H Baggs on November 2, 1880. That long a time lapse was unusual.
NOTE: James Measell 2023: I have a letter (written in 1953 by Baggs' grandson to J. Stanley Brothers, who was one of the first really serious pattern glass history researchers) that provides some interesting details, as follows: (1) the pattern came out shortly after Baggs passed away at age 54 and it was named after Baggs' daughter Ann; and (2) as a memorial to Andrew Baggs, the LaBelle mouldmakers chipped his likeness into the mould to create the bearded man we see on the creamer and the large pitcher.
• Motifs: (Bands/Rings), (People/Body Parts), (Diamond Point)