DIAMOND (OMN) mck&b comport
• AKA: McKee's Diamond
McKee & Brothers (Pittsburgh-PA/Jeannette-PA, Company Operated: 1853-1899), Introduced: c1859 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: "we should update this listing with an introduction date of c1859 and note that the comports had a long production life with two styles of stand. The coloured pieces are from the mid 1880s. " edit made Sept 2018
NOTE,by Sid Lethbridge, from the Bill Morrison post of the clear compote: "this straddled the flint and non-flint eras. It first appears in the 1859 catalog with a different standard which was replaced before 1876 with the style seen on your example and the ones in the database. Various names were given - Scallop Dia.; Scall. Diamond; Diamond. It is quite possible that scallop refers to the rim to differentiate this form from other Diamond comports with a different style of rim rather than a specific pattern."
• Motifs: (Diamonds), (Arches/Crescents), (Spears/Darts)