• AKA: Don't Drown the Fly; Don't Drown the Hog; Don't Drown the Monk; Don't Drown the Pig
Unknown Maker, Introduced: Unknown Date
• NOTE: Gene Serbus: Ref: West Virginia Museum of American Glass Monograph No. 54 - AJ Beatty & Sons 1862-1892 shows two different "Don't Drown the Pig" tumblers. Both appear to be assigned No. 1708 etching.
NOTE: Pat Morgan Butler: George Truog of Maryland Glass Etching Co, Cumberland, Md. desiged novelty glasses from 1893 - 1930. Among them, a set of four Don't Drown the ....which featured a pig, a fly, a hog and a monk. Their purpose was to invite the imbiber not to fill the glass any higher than the line under the pig, hog,( whatever) in order to prevent intoxication
• Motifs: (Animals), (Letters/Numbers)