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Bakewell, Pears & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1807-1882), Introduced: c. 1874
• NOTE: 10 1/8” bowl, under base marked " B P Co PATd SEP 29 1874".
NOTE: This bowl is illustrated in "Artistry and Innovation in Pittsburgh Glass, 1808-1882". Cat. 106.
NOTE: Liz Roach: it’s also found in Innes’ Pittsburgh Glass p414-415. Your bowl was made in 8, 9, and 10” clear and fiery opal. The patent from 1874 is shown and the B,P,and Co 1875 catalog cut which shows the 3 “fruit or salad bowls” and a “double boquet (sic)”” which is a small footed ale, the piece illustrated in the patent application. Innes says that the double glass “fluted and gadrooned opal kinship with early silver, pewter, and woodcarving forms. It is a relationship often found in superior glass design.” The book cites an article from Antiques magazine: Pittsburgh White and Clear and the Bakewell Pa
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