• AKA: Darling Mug; Late Paneled Grape; Paneled Grape
Jenkins, D. C. Glass Company (Kokomo/Arcadia-IN, Company Operated: 1906-1933), Introduced: c1913 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - c1913 based upon this pattern beginning to appear in wholesale catalogues that year.
NOTE: Re: Late Paneled Grape. can be found in Lee plate 65; Unitt I pp226-7, Kamm bk3- p61 and Metz pp78-79.
NOTE: Bing Hilton 2023: this pattern was following a tradition the Jenkins mould shop seemed to be making for putting out well received grape pattern lines. The 807 had 13 items in the line. There was the table set of butter dish, covered sugar bowl, creamer, spooner, 8 inch covered nappy, 8 inch nappy without cover, 4 inch nappy, goblet, The mug was another one of the group we now call Child’s mugs, with the saying of Darling on this one There were also pint and gallon jugs being sold both as covered and uncovered items.,
• Motifs: (Panels), (Grapes), (NULL)