NATIONAL GLASS CO. No. ...7 KISMET (OMN) nat/mck&b
• AKA: Broken Pillar and Reed; No. 2611 (OMN); No. 909 (OMN)
National Glass Company (McKee & Bros. Works) (Jeannette-PA, Operated: 1899-1904), Introduced: 1900 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2022 update: It was introduced in January 1900 by the National Glass Co. (McKee Works). It appears in the 1901 National Export catalogue as their No. 7 Kismet (OMN) made at Factory 12 (McKee Works). It does not appear in the 1902 National McKee Works catalogue so was moved to the National Model Flint Works at some point in 1901 where it was designated as No. 909. Nappies in this pattern appear in the 1903 Cambridge catalogue as No. 2611. The Jan. 4, 1900 issue of China, Glass & Lamps..."the Kismet, also in fine crystal, decorated in gold..."
NOTE: Albany Glass Museum 2023: The opalescent card tray or soap dishes were made from the 6" mold.
• Motifs: (Diamonds), (Panels), (Ladders/Zippers)