People/Body Parts;
NATIONAL GLASS CO. No. .301, 302, 303 (OMN)
• AKA: Drinking Scene; Indoor Drinking Scene; National's Drinking Scene; Outdoor Drinking Scene
National Glass Company (IT&G Works) (Greentown-IN, Operated: 1899-1903), Introduced: 1902-1903
• Outdoor Drinking Scene and Indoor Drinking Scene
NOTE: Roger Haworth: The Outdoor Drinking Scene was No. 301, the two sizes of the Indoor Drinking Scene were Nos. 302 and 303. Numbers for the tumbler and big pitcher are unknown. Dates would be 1902-03 Both the Outdoor and Indoor mugs show up in a later Indiana Glass catalog but there’s a problem. There are very few Outdoor scenes in clear and the Indoor has never been seen in clear. Sooo…either Indiana never made them, they were old stock, or Indiana was making nile green and/or chocolate, which stretches credibility…
NOTE: This pattern later had at least one piece that appears in Indiana Glass Co. catalogues.
• Motifs: (People/Body Parts), (Scenes)