ADAMS & CO. UNNAMED No. 3 (AKA) syrup
• AKA:
Adams & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1861-1891), Introduced: c1879 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - A patent for a specific method of connecting a handle and pouring nozzle to a molasses can (now called syrups) was issued to Augustus A. Adams in August 1879. The patent drawings incorporate drawings with a very distinctive lid/handle combination which is seen on the example posted here. So we know that this is a product of Adams & Co. and a general time frame of 1879 or after. What we don't know is what they called it. We also know that other molasses can (or syrup) with that lid is also by Adams & Co.
• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns), (Bands/Rings), (Capsules)