Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ;
• AKA: Fern
National Glass Company (Model Flint Works) (Albany-IN, Co. Operated: 1899-1902), Introduced: c1901 Introduced
• NOTE: Albany Glass Museum 2023: Lots of companies made a Fern pattern but how we can identify this [pitcher] one as made in Albany is the shape mold used, needed handle, and ferns going in opposite directions. Less than 10 are known in blue, 1 in vaseline, and none in clear opalescent. We believe that all 3 colors were made and more may surface in the future. The tumblers that go along with these [pitchers] are even harder to find and the ferns also go in opposite directions.
• Motifs: (Plants/Foliage/Trees/Vines ), (Leaves ), (Opalescent, Blown Other)