• AKA: Alden; Barrel Shaker; Christmas Shaker
Alden Salt Caster Company (Company Operated: c1877-1897), Introduced: December 25, 1877 Introduced
• Sid Lethbridge - The agitator in these shakers was patented December 25, 1877 and assigned to Dana K. Alden of Boston, MA. Alden built a business around this patent that lasted at least into the early 1890s through several partnerships and company name changes. Alden's companies did not make glass but likely owned moulds that were sent out to glass makers to produce the shakers. Who made the glass has always been the question. It has been assumed that Boston & Sandwich made them but the 1891-2 Alden Salt Caster Co. catalog indicated that the Hobbs Glass Co. made the ruby shakers. In the Alden catalog, these were just called Individual and in wholesale catalogs they were typically called Alden. There are many different colours and decorations to be found in this shaker.
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