• AKA: Mother Eagle
Challinor, Taylor and Company (Tarentum-PA, Operated: 1884-1891), Introduced: Before 1891
• Jeff Swantek: There are two versions with differing eye treatments. The first is a concave, hollowed out eye socket for the application of glass eyes and the second is a moulded eye.

Reproduction vs. Original: The reproductions have concentric rings of grass on the base.The grass is nondirectional on the original. In addition, the original has either a concave hole for the applied eye, which cannot be seen if the eye is attached or a moulded eye. The reproductions have a flat round area for an attachment of the eye.

SID LETHBRIDGE: These are mentioned in an 1891 trade quote as still going strong so likely c1888.
• Motifs: (Bird/Fowl), (Basketweave)