• AKA: Crenelated Rim; Hill and Dale
Unknown Maker (Unknown Location, Operated: Unknown), Introduced: c1887 Introduced
• NOTE: Crenelated rim, four piece set illustrated in Metz 2, pp136-7 plate 2344
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - Falker & Stern 1888 catalog called it Berlin which is unlikely to be the OMN as this firm used their own names for most patterns.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge (9/2018): The OMN is likely Marion based on it being used by Pitkin & Brooks in their 1887 catalog and by Irwin & Eaton. Pitkin & Brooks almost always used the OMN as did Irwin & Eaton.
• Motifs: (Plain)