CORN (AKA) dith
• AKA:
Dithridge & Company (1862-1901 merged Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. 1902), Introduced: c1894 Introduced
• NOTE: Production may have continued as late as 1904. Ref Heacock Victorian Colored Pattern Glass Book 4, Custard Glass 1976 p58 figures 472 and 473, only shaker shown.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Concerning the Corn shaker - these have been assigned to Dithridge based upon the colours made but no documentation is available to confirm that attribution
NOTE: Carole Linxwiler Bruce 2019 - called Corn, Tall in Lechner's Salt Shaker Book II by Dithridge 1900. There are several corn shakers. Salt and Sugar. Some straight, some bulging, some are ball shape, there’s one that’s Barrel shape and some with the kernels uneven.
• Motifs: (Fruits/Grains/Nuts/Vegetables), (Figural), (NULL)