FOSTORIA SHADE AND LAMP CO. No. 201 (OMN) sugar shaker
• AKA: Cone
Fostoria Shade And Lamp Company (Fostoria-OH, Company Operated: 1890-1893), Introduced: c1892 Introduced
• NOTE: Arctic, Cone, Nos. 27, 100, 101, 200, 201, 300 all share a design motif.
NOTE: Fostoria Shade & Lamp was acquired by Consolidated Lamp & Glass at the end of 1893. Production may have continued under Consolidated.
NOTE: No. 200 has the solid colors, No. 201 the "cased" colors. (Cased has a layer of glass, often clear, over another color of glass. )
• Motifs: (Diamonds), (Scales), (Bulges)