• AKA: Buckle
Union Glass Company (Somerville-MA, Company Operated: 1854-1924), Introduced: c1860s Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2021: the Union Glass Co. patterns identified in the Lura Woodside Watkins' 1936 article on this company. She provided a photo of a Buckle mould plaster cast and reported the presence of many Buckle moulds in the Union factory. A plaster casting of a goblet mould was dug up at the Boston & Sandwich factory site so it appears two different firms were making this pattern.
There are two different table sets which also supports that two firms were involved. The two can be separated based on physical differences in the finials and relative density of the diamond point in the buckles but we need a way to distinguish between the two companies' product. The base design in the Union mould has a distinctive nine pointed star with a diamond point filled circle in the centre.
• Motifs: (Stars/Rosettes), (Circles/Balls), (Diamond Point)