ADAMS & CO. UNNAMED No. 5 (AKA) Prayer Rug pitcher
• AKA:
Adams & Company (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1861-1891), Introduced: Unknown Date of Introduction
• NOTE: 2021: Speculated by Adams & Co as there are motifs found in both PRAYER RUG and ODD FELLOW.

Sid Lethbridge 2021: it is thought related to the aka Prayer Rug pattern made by Adams & Co. because the frame around the open areas has the balls in a stippled band and the band of "darts" that appear on Prayer Rug. The handle style (bottom up) of the pitcher dates its manufacture to the 1880s but this body style was popular in the 1870s.

• Motifs: (Arches/Crescents), (Bands/Rings), (Beads )