FILLY (OMN) nagc
• AKA:
North American Glass Co., Introduced: 1889
• NOTE: 2021: Sid Lethbridge: Reportedly, Ed McLean, a very serious goblet collector, purchased a set of six of these goblets in Wallaceburg, Ontario. He was told that they were produced with dark brown glass used for making beer bottles and were made “after hours” by a worker at the factory. McLean kept one and sold the remaining five to Glasfax members. The author has observed four examples – one in the McLean collection and single examples in collections of three long time Glasfax members – which seems to support the story.
NOTE: 2021 Terri Frauzel: There is an Amber goblet labelled Filly in the National Museum of History (Canada) that lists it as Dominion c1913.
• Motifs: (Circles), (Panels)