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Elson Glass Company (Martins Ferry-OH, Operated: 1882-1893), Introduced: 1888
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2021: In Elson Glass Co. and Successors, p53, the Elson No. 98 pattern was noted as being a new line in 1888 but without a catalogue or illustrated advertisement it was uncertain as to what it looked like. A pattern with a button with a large button or small hexagon block motif was suggested as a possible candidate but there was no proof to support that conjecture... A cruet using the same design motif and designated as No. 98 appears in an 1891 H. Leonards & Sons of Grand Rapids, MI catalogue. This firms ... used the OMN exclusively. The motif as well as the cruet shape, handle and fluted neck being identical to those of the Queen and Elson No. 99 cruets leads us to conclude we have now identified the Elson No. 98 pattern.
• Motifs: (Buttons)