• AKA: Banded Icicle; Icicle Bulb Stem
Unknown Maker (Unknown Location, Operated: Unknown), Introduced: late 1860s Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - This pattern was named (aka) Belted Icicle on pages 30-1 of A Complete Guide to Pressed Glass by Robert Batty and (aka) Icicle Bulb Stem on pages 112-3 in Unitts Goblets 2; and, (aka) Banded Icicle on pages 25-6 of the Wallace-Homestead Price Guide to Pattern Glass, 11th Edition edited by Dorie Miles and Robert Miller. Reported as made flint and non-flint. Maker unknown, late 1860s.

• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns), (Bands/Rings)