People/Body Parts;
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Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Co.(Findlay-OH, Company Operated 1888-1899) , Introduced: late 1890s Introduced
• NOTE: Bing Hilton 2019 - Bicycle Girl pitcher was originally made by Dazell Leighton & Gilmore mould transferred to Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Works where it was made in chocolate color.
NOTE: Roger Haworth - It is in the newly discovered National/IT&G catalog as "415 Bicycle Jug". The 415 is a Greentown number -- many of the 400-series items are things that originated at Dalzell, but some seem to be Greentown originals.
NOTE: DALZELL, GILMORE & LEIGHTON GLASS CO. No. 15 (OMN) is the same shape as this "Bicycle Girl" aka pitcher
• Motifs: (People/Body Parts), (Scenes)