• AKA: Big Button
Unknown Maker, Introduced: c1891
• Crystal Glass Co. - possibly
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Heacock's write up of this pattern … - see pages 76-7 of his Ruby Stained book.
Big Button is an AKA…. the OMN is not Pioneer's No. 9. Pioneer was a decorator and did not make glass but they did use the OMN in their catalogs. We know that the OMN is No. 9, we just don't know for sure who the maker was. Heacock speculatively assigned the pattern to Crystal Glass Co. of Bridgeport, OH. He could be right. He also could be wrong. I call that maker unknown.
The key difference between the similar Block & Lattice and Big Button is that the tops of the hexagons on Block & Lattice are flat and those on Big Button are pointed. The No. 9 aka Big Button cruet appears in wholesale catalogues as early as May 1890 (C M Linnington)
• Motifs: (Buttons), (Fine Cut), (Hexagon, Large)