• AKA:
Unknown Maker, Introduced: Unknown Date
• NOTE: Valerie Vebber Carter 2022: seen in Lechner 2nd edition, p62.
NOTE: Database Team: Also seen in Peterson's Salt and Salt Shakers, p27 plate U but no other information given. Not yet found in the AGSSS ISD project per Lanae Kilcoyne; Listed as Unk/Unk until more information is known. Also known in milk white.
NOTE 2022: Peterson named it Double Deck, Scarce. Picture on page 27 in opal. Lechner II page 62 assigned it to Dithridge, 1897-1902, made opaque opal, blue, pink, green & custard.
• Motifs: (Ladders/Zippers), (Scrolls/Filigree )