Beads ;
• AKA: 101; One Hundred One
Co-operative Flint Glass Co. LTD. (Beaver Falls-PA, Company Operated 1879-1930s), Introduced: c1881 Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - The OMN is Panel based on a clipping of this piece in the A. H. Heisey scrapbook from his George Duncan & Sons days. The maker is uncertain because, while most of the clippings are George Duncan & Sons, several other companies are represented.
Re one of the bread plates: "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" motto around the center
and in the center it features tools - a sickle, plow, rake, anvil, pliers, hammer and sheaves of wheat and ears of corn stalks
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2020: assigned to Co-operative Flint Glass Co based on an identical feature. The same standard is used on both GARFIELD DRAPE and PANEL comports. Observation by Michael Beck.
• Motifs: (Beads ), (Ovals)