BELLAIRE GOBLET CO. No. 392 1/2 (OMN) stem
• AKA: Tegman Inverted Thumbprint (Millard 1, Plate 170)
Bellaire Goblet Company (Bellaire-OH/Findlay-OH, Company Operated: 1876-1891), Introduced: mid 1880s Introduced
• NOTE: Although the wine (near right) with the dot and star optic appears in the 1893 US Glass stemware catalogue where it is labeled as No. 292½, the same wine without the optic is listed as No. 392. The transition from the stem to the foot of this wine differs significantly from the No. 292½ goblet discussed earlier which suggests that there is a typo and should actually be No. 392½.
• Motifs: (Stars/Rosettes), (Circles/Balls), (Optics)