People/Body Parts;
• AKA: AP-HH8 Left-of-Center
Unknown Maker (Unknown Location, Operated: Unknown), Introduced: pre-1870 Introduced
• NOTE: Richard Stoer 2022: we reference as: "AP-HH8 Left-of-Center". known in teal green an crystal.
what we do know:The style and quality suggest the New England area but both known crucifix candlesticks from the New England Glass Company have been identified and this is not one of them.
Ray Barlow & Joan Kaiser’s book “The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol 4” show this candlestick in photo 4046 (top of page 61) implying it’s from the Sandwich area. We could find no evidence that this was a product of The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company. The B&S museum has no examples of this style an (There are shards shown in 4046 but a close examination will show these are not from the same crucifix they're shown with. Cape Cod Glass Co a possibility but there are no records of a stick like this.
• Motifs: (People/Body Parts), (Figural)