Daisy & Button;
• AKA:
Unknown Maker (Unknown Location, Operated: Unknown), Introduced: mid-1880s Introduced
• NOTE: Brad Gougeon 2023: Shoes of Glass, 2, page198. She (Libby Yalom) is calling it a spoonholder, maker unknown. The Yalom book shows it in crystal, amber, blue, canary and a non-fluorescing green.
7" long by just over 3.25" tall at the heel.
NOTE: Liz Roach 2023: Ruth Webb Lee Victorian Glass, p462 and plate 197, there is a short discussion and a photo of a canary shoe like yours: "a curious yellow Daisy and Button slipper with a chassis like a dachsund!" . She, too, says it is a spoonholder and gives measurement of 7.25 x 2.5H. "Probably it was also made in crystal and other colors."
• Motifs: (Daisy & Button)