Wood/Wood Grain;
• AKA: Oaken Bucket; Old Oaken Bucket; Wooden Pail
Bryce Brothers (Pittsburgh-PA, Company Operated: 1882-1891), Introduced: c1880s Introduced
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: Old Oaken Bucket was what Bryce Bros. called the jelly containers with wire handles and tin lids.…These jellies were labeled as "The Old Oaken Bucket" in illustrated advertisements and written up frequently in the trade journals as such. The tableware was not mentioned in the trade journals but Bryce showed it as Bucket in their c1890/1 catalog - see Heacock/Bickenheuser US Glass page 81.
NOTE: Westmorland Specialty made a similar mustard container in opal with various painted decor and very detailed wood grain. The bands around the Westmoreland Bucket cross over from right to left, and are squared on the ends. The bands around the Bryce Bros Bucket cross over from left to right and are pointed on the ends.
• Motifs: (Wood/Wood Grain), (Figural)